Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Who is He?

maybe many of you did not know him, haha.. He is a legend in the world of musician.  Saul Hudson or better known as Slash familiar with music since childhood and at age 18 years old he made the band. Lovely Slash on guitar to be inviolable. He is committed not going to hang his guitar.

Former guitarist of Guns n’ Roses is busy solo album promo. Slash collaborates with many other musicians. He continued to play guitar and do not force himself to hold the other musical instruments.Maybe because he really loved guitar. Slash is an icon among all guitar player because of his "miracle hands" that can make people feel the music.

i'll show you some of his tricky hand. isn't it??

his old band Guns and Roses are very popular and their popularity are at the top of their carier. But they have to split because of personal problems.But slash still can survive even without a band.

i'll show you this and you will know why Guns and Roses and Slash are very popular

 so, how was it? haha....thats all from me, thanks

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