Wednesday, 2 May 2012

buddiess =D

This time i will talk about my Best friends
hmmmmm i don't if i am different but actually i have many best friends or buddies.
for your information i just studying here for almost 9 monh but i already have many best friends. As u know best friend is someone who will share their happiness and sadness with you.
Now that what we call Best Friends.

being a minority here at kirkby, haha since there is only 15 guys at my college so we guys are very united and close each other to make our life here feels are their pictures

was at Alamanda Putrajaya

hahaha..hungry faces

Suria KLCC yeahh!!!

this picture was taken when im going to my lecturer's wedding.. On my left is our bus driver Chandru..if im not mistake..hehehe
On my right is my buddies..we do many bad things together and the good thing seperately.. thats the fact..haha but not all the time. 

My Dream Car

As a man i also have a dream to have a car like the other man, even though i prefer bikes more than cars but actuallly i already knows that car is more important than bikes in long terms view..

my dream car characteristics must be fast,looks luxurious,have a high quality, fuel save and most important is can be used for any types of roads.

yeahh and this is the carr..

the Subaru Impreza WRX STI
i choose this car because it has all the characteristic that i need. Plus this car has a very beautifu colours and design compare to others car. 
For long terms of view the car is quite big and enough for my family, with the high quality i am very confident that this car can "live" longer.. hahaahaa

Merdeka Raya (memorable events)

on 24th and 25th of college has launch our first event called Merdeka Raya. this event were launched because there are 2 combination of festival in our country which is Merdeka Celebration on 31th of August and Hari Raya Haji on 2th of september.

it was very memorable events because:
It is the first time my class doing presentation together.
We know and mix well each other starting from this event.
our class being the best presentation..hahaha 

wanna see what we r doing?

fisrt presentation we do some dance by coreographing 1 Malaysia song. 
Credit to PLKN =D

we got a good response from audience after the first event..
next event is..

we r singing toghether + dancing..
cool isn't it?
at this moment i felt realy happy and enjoy the presentation.

then we take a picture for memories

hahaha..thanks for watching or Reading maybe..