Wednesday, 2 May 2012

buddiess =D

This time i will talk about my Best friends
hmmmmm i don't if i am different but actually i have many best friends or buddies.
for your information i just studying here for almost 9 monh but i already have many best friends. As u know best friend is someone who will share their happiness and sadness with you.
Now that what we call Best Friends.

being a minority here at kirkby, haha since there is only 15 guys at my college so we guys are very united and close each other to make our life here feels are their pictures

was at Alamanda Putrajaya

hahaha..hungry faces

Suria KLCC yeahh!!!

this picture was taken when im going to my lecturer's wedding.. On my left is our bus driver Chandru..if im not mistake..hehehe
On my right is my buddies..we do many bad things together and the good thing seperately.. thats the fact..haha but not all the time. 

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